Highview Capital Management

An Independent Wealth Management Firm

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Highview Capital Management

Highview Capital Management is a Multi-Family Office and boutique Investment Manager located in Buffalo Grove, IL.

Who We Are

Highview Capital Management collaborates with a select number of clients as a Multi-Family Office and boutique Investment Manager.  Through deep and lasting relationships, we help clients design, implement, and adjust strategies to achieve their aspirations.

  • Strategic

    We were formed with the perspective all decisions should be made from the top down, guided by a single question: "How does this benefit our clients?"  Clarity of purpose informs every aspect of our firm, from technology choices to investment solutions.

  • Driven

    We are passionate about our fiduciary duty and delivering an exceptional client experience. As a private company, we are able to focus on the long term, and answer only to our clients and ourselves. We promise insightful analysis, unbiased recommendations, and complete transparency so clients have no doubt we only sit on their side of the table.

  • Results

    Innovative, client-first strategy coupled with our relentless drive for excellence produces meaningful outcomes for our clients.  However you define success, we are singularly focused on getting you there.

What We Do

As a fiduciary, we understand trust is earned every day.  We listen to your needs and priorities, then seek out the best available solutions.  Our advice is unbiased and unconstrained by ties to banks or other financial institutions.  

  • Wealth Planning

    Effective planning produces the greatest impact on wealth over time through minimizing taxes and allocating capital with a purpose. Our proprietary process identifies all relevant options and guides you in making fully informed decisions.

  • Investment Management

    Our clients benefit from an approach to investment management they will not find at large institutions. We provide clients an opportunity to enhance returns and manage risk beyond what they have experienced in the past. We draw upon decades of experience building customized portfolios to deliver successful results.

  • Client Education

    We understand the difficulties of navigating complex financial matters and the accompanying family dynamics. As advisors, we assist clients in communicating values and building knowledge across generations.

Wealth management built for you

Every client deserves a plan they can call their own. 

Let us help you build one.