Wealth Planning

As a Multi-Family Office, Highview Capital Management recognizes aspirations as an exponent of goals; they are inherent priorities often difficult to quantify.  We have designed a process to optimize all available resources in pursuit of our clients' financial goals as well as their aspirations.  We delve into financial and non-financial objectives, then ensure capital is allocated to achieve purpose as well as returns.  Whether you are seeking to maximize executive compensation plans, exit a successful business, assess retirement, support philanthropy, or transition wealth across generations, our experience can be invaluable.

simplify the complex

We help clients navigate the complexity involved in managing wealth, spending the time necessary to ensure they have clarity about why and how strategies converge to attain their objectives.  Wading through a sea of acronyms and industry jargon can be overwhelming; Therefore, we guide clients through the myriad options to ensure they capitalize on opportunities and minimize risk while efficiently managing taxation.

Advise and coordinate

As a true fiduciary, we are able to advise clients without any pressures from being connected to a large bank or financial institution.  Independence coupled with experience allows us to listen freely, seek the best available solutions for your needs, and execute recommendations without product bias.  We proactively coordinate with clients' tax, legal, and other advisors to ensure thoughtful implementation and ongoing monitoring.

Continually Assess

Planning is always a process rather than an event, and strategies need to be flexible so adjustments can be incorporated based on changes in personal circumstances, tax laws, or the economy.  The deep and lasting relationships we build allow us to effectively guide our clients to achievement of their financial goals and aspirations.