Get to Know

Our Vision

Highview Capital Management collaborates with a select number of clients as a Multi-Family Office and boutique Investment Manager.  As a true fiduciary, we advise without any pressure from connections to large banks or financial institutions.  Our firm was built to ensure a single question guides all decisions: "How does this benefit our clients?"  We endeavor to continually earn trust through consistency of excellence in our advice, communication, and people.  Through deep and lasting relationships we help clients design, implement, and adjust strategies to achieve their aspirations.  

Fiduciary Always

Our primary purpose is to serve the best interests of our clients with utmost integrity.  We have no conflicts of interest and our fees are fully transparent.  Our firm is independent of large financial institutions, meaning all advice is customized and focused solely on achieving clients' aspirations.  We are compensated only by our clients, not by banks, brokers, investment managers, or any other third parties.  Clients can be comfortable knowing all decisions we make are with their best interests in mind.

Invested in Clients

We invest our time and expertise so clients can focus on other priorities, knowing their financial matters are in order.   Our strategic technology partners were selected to give our clients high quality ease of access to their financial information. We will continue to invest in solutions which facilitate communication with our clients, their families, and other professional advisors.  Our expert guidance enabled by innovative tools provides a framework for our clients' success.

Simple Sophistication

Successful individuals and their families deserve expert solutions and proactive guidance in both planning and investing. By translating complex ideas into actionable steps, we build clear recommendations which help clients navigate decisions with deep understanding and confidence.