Investment Management

At Highview Capital Management, we believe macroeconomic forces are the primary driver of returns over the intermediate and long term.  Our disciplined, repeatable process starts with a top down assessment of changes in the trajectory of Growth, Inflation, and Interest Rates to reveal opportunities and identify where risks lie.  Whether you are looking for a more sophisticated investment approach or seeking new ways to create purpose with your capital, our experience can be invaluable.  


We believe both active and passive solutions have a role to play in most client portfolios.  At Highview Capital Management, we listen closely to understand clients' priorities and preferences as they relate to cost, liquidity, tax efficiency, and returns so we can customize a portfolio which properly weights these approaches and is free from bias.  With this understanding, we can more effectively implement our best ideas and seek to generate alpha regardless of market conditions.


By starting with a clearly defined set of analytics to guide our investment decisions, we apply our disciplined, repeatable process to determine which markets, asset classes, factors, and industries to emphasize in client portfolios.  We then find a way to express our views in portfolios according to each client's circumstances.  At Highview Capital Management, we are not swayed when data registers as better or worse than expectations, because such outcomes have less impact over longer periods than broader trends.


Because the Highview Capital Management process identifies value in looking beyond the traditional assumptions of normally distributed returns, rational investors, and the random walk of asset prices, we take a nontraditional approach to portfolio construction.  This approach allows us to meaningfully overweight high conviction ideas when probabilities are strongly in our favor and exclude certain asset classes or industries when a position may not be warranted.  Since our decisions are rooted in data and we serve a small number of clients, we can be as nimble as needed in their respective portfolios.

Risk Management

Our unique investment process is further supported by sound principles of risk management such as an emphasis on quality, liquidity, diversification, and the consideration of taxes.  In addition, our Risk Management Framework is a repeatable process which keeps us from becoming too narrowly focused in portfolio construction or unaware of the myriad risks - from economic to geopolitical - persistent in the marketplace.